"I am a translator. I translate the old into the new. It is a process of recapturing the obscurities of the past and reinventing them in the light of the future," explains Serdar Gülgün of the force driving his passion and unique aesthetic for the last 25 years.

A native of Istanbul, Gülgün is a classically trained Ottoman art expert, sought after interior designer and acclaimed author. Whether passionately lecturing on Ottoman art history at the British Museum or crafting a timeless objet d'art, this renaissance man is always in his element.

Gülgün's whimsical imagination and insatiable passion for Ottoman art blossomed in childhood in Istanbul. The city's exotic blend of textures, colours and flavors of bygone eras had a profound impact on the young creative. Today, the majestic relics of the ancient melting pot remain his playground and infinite source instead of inspiration.

Although Serdar Gülgün's genuine modesty would keep him from disclosing his full credentials, there is a lot to be said for a designer as highly accomplished and versatile as he is. The world's most prestigious brands such as Herend Porcelains, Four Seasons Hotels, Assouline and Vakko continually seek out his expertise and aesthetic. As a coveted interior designer, Gülgün has decorated heritage buildings around the world and the homes of Istanbul's most prestigious residents.

Throughout his life Gülgün has collected a personal treasure trove of Ottoman art and antiquities. His priceless courtly pieces have been featured in six exclusive exhibitions held at the Imperial Topkapı Palace. The antiques have also inspired his original designs. Gülgün's contemporary twists on rich classics including his beloved turtles perfectly embody his luxurious, idiosyncratic style.